How up to date is your customer database?

A customer register can quickly become obsolete. About 350,000 people change address and about 170,000 people change phone numbers every year. Lack of customer data can not only lead to a bad experience with your customers, but also a financial loss for the company. Having up-to-date information is also an important aspect according to the GDPR.

We can help you update your customer register on an ongoing or occasional basis, in a fast, secure, and accurate way.

  • Continuous monitoring of changes in personal identity numbers, organization numbers, addresses and telephone numbers
  • Complementary services for your website, such as additional fields with information when a customer enters a telephone number
  • Point efforts according to your needs and wishes, such as personal identity numbering and telephone numbering.


The monitoring or the continuous updates can be downloaded via simple integrations, thereby saving you a lot of time.