API & Integration

Qualitative data directly in your system

With access to millions of business and personal records our technology platform allows you to create a tailor-made solution for your needs.

Every day, extreme amounts of data is produced. Data that can provide many valuable insights. However, handling this manually can be a major challenge. With our APIs and integrations, you can easily keep customer records accurate and complete. By integrating our information directly into your systems, you can save both time and money. Get access to address information, payment remarks, credit ratings, and more. Whether your business needs data about individual consumers, households, companies, or industries, we have it easily accessible via APIs and web services.

The API is built for you to easily integrate your webshop, CRM or other systems, for direct access to data such as:

  • Personal information
  • Business information
  • Revenue
  • Debt
  • Real estate
  • Phone numbers
  • Trusteeship
  • Events


Our data is continuously updated and always of high quality. We handle all personal data in accordance with the Personal Data Act (PuL), the Credit Information Act (KuL), and specific standards for various industries.

Developer API information can be found here.