Better insights through customer- and target group analyzes

A good foundation for the right decisions

Maybe you need information on new markets, or need to evaluate which business area or customers you should prioritize? Maybe you are looking for data on how to position your product? A tailored market analysis gives you deeper information based on data that you benefit from directly.

Through analysis and insights, we can, among other things, help you find new potential customers, identify your best customers and find out where they are on the consumer journey.

Understand your customers – and your potential customers – through customer profiling and market analysis.

The process of generating address and phone selections for direct marketing is simple. The challenge is to figure out which of Sweden’s approximately 10 million inhabitants we should include/exclude based on e.g. income, type of housing, type of household, region, sex, and age? The answer is obtained by doing basic and ongoing analyzes.

The purpose of our analyzes is primarily to optimize your selections for direct marketing for increased Return On Investment (ROI). The analyzes also serve as a basis for decisions for other parts of your business, such as customer development, selection of a suitable communication channel, or increased internal customer knowledge.

We have access to a number of sources in Sweden through various providers, such as population data, telephone data, property data, etc.


Communicative target groups

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Target group analysis

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Scoring- and AI analyzes

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