Information about processing personal data within credit information operations

Personal data controller

Valitive Credit AB (hereafter called “Valitive”) is the data controller for the personal data that is processed within the framework of Valitive’s credit information operations.

Legitimate need

In order for a customer to be able to order a credit report about a private person, and for Valitive to release such information, the customer must have a legitimate need for obtaining a credit report. A legitimate need is e.g., the need to make a financial risk assessment because the customer and a private person have or will enter into a credit agreement, credit purchase, rental agreement, etc.

Purpose and legal basis

Valitive operates a credit information business with permission from the Swedish Commission on Security and Integrity Protection. Credit information that is released to our customers is designed to provide advice or guidance for the customer’s assessment of a private person’s ability to pay and their financial situation so that the customer can make decisions regarding e.g. a loan, credit purchase, telephone subscription or residential rent.

The regulations that dictate how Valitive shall run its credit information operations are listed and can be found in Sweden’s Credit Information Act (KUL) and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Processing of personal data for credit reporting purposes constitutes a public interest, which is the legal basis for the processing according to article 6 of the General Data Protection Regulation, and means that Valitive may process the personal data without the consent of the individual.

Categories of personal data to be processed

In terms of it is credit information operations, Valitive processes information from private persons including name, address and national ID number, marital status and income, debts and foreclosure information, bankruptcy information, debt restructuring and trusteeship, property information, and information about previously released information.

The information is collected from Swedish public agencies, and the information is updated depending on the type of information, as in the examples listed below:

General information

Swedish Population Register (SPAR), National ID number, name and address, and marital status. The information is updated weekly.

Income information

The Swedish Tax Agency is updated in conjunction with the final tax assessment notice.

Payment notes

Taxes and fees from the Swedish Enforcement Services are updated 5 times/week, Payment orders (“unpaid invoice”) are updated 1 time/week. Failed foreclosure attempts are provided by the Swedish Enforcement Authority 5 times/week.

Debt balance

The current debt listed with the Swedish Enforcement Services is updated by us each week.

Lost identification documents, blocked national ID number

The information is registered by the affected person and is updated on an ongoing basis. See more under Block credit information.

Debt restructuring

Information is updated 5 times/week and is displayed in the information for 5 years or once the debt restructuring is finished.

Property information

Owners and details regarding property come from the Swedish National Land Survey and is updated continuously. We receive the assessed value of the property from the Swedish Tax Agency once per year.

Telephone number

Telephone numbers from all operators are updated continuously.

Categories of recipients

Personal data is provided to Valitive’s customers, i.e. companies and other organisations who need background information for their credit decisions. The information may be provided to other resellers, Valitive’s affiliated companies, and other subcontractors.

Subcontractors and transfers

Valitive uses subcontractors (personal data processors) who may process personal data on behalf of Valitive. Storage and other processing takes place within the EU as well as outside of the EU. In the event of the transfer of data to so-called third countries, Valitive has ensured that appropriate safeguards have been taken, and that the transfer follows the provisions of the GDPR regarding transfers to third countries.

Storage and sorting

The information about private persons is stored for three years from the date when the information is registered or specified by the public agency that is the source for Valitive’s processing or three years from when the relationship ended. Information about previously unpaid debt listed in the Swedish Enforcement Agency, so-called historic debt balance, is stored for up to 24 months. Information about debt restructuring is stored for five years. Information about queries, i.e. if a credit report about a private person has previously been released, is stored for one year. Certain, special storage times apply for companies where the information regarding debt restructuring is stored for three years, and information about the company’s management is saved for five years.


Your rights

Valitive is responsible for processing your personal data in accordance with applicable data protection legislation. You have the right to receive information from us regarding the use of your personal data, and the right to obtain a copy of the personal data processed – known as a Subject Access Request. You can read more about your rights in the General Information regarding Processing of Personal Data within Valitive.

Contact information

Please contact Valitive Credit AB if you would like to exercise any of your rights.

DPO:, Alektum Group Box 11108 404 23 Gothenburg Telephone 031-730 60 75


If you feel that Valitive’s processing of personal data violates applicable data protection legislation, you have the right to submit a complaint to a supervisory authority. In Sweden, complaints can be submitted to: Swedish Commission on Security and Integrity Protection Box 8114 104 20 STOCKHOLM or