How to protect yourself against identity theft

All that is required for someone to take out a loan, sign up for a mobile phone plan, or order goods in your name, is often just your personal identity number.

To protect yourself against identity theft, make sure you protect your ID documents well. Pay attention to who is doing credit checks on you and report to the police as soon as possible if you suspect foul play.

Identity theft can mean that someone is using your name, personal identity number, and home address to order goods online. The fraudster then simply goes to the drop-off point, shows ID, and picks up the item.

Identity theft can also mean that your personal information is used to obtain bank – or credit cards, take out loans, or purchase things against credit.

How to protect yourself against identity theft

  • Make sure that no unauthorized persons can access your mailbox
  • Do not disclose your personal information online, by email, or phone unless necessary, especially without knowing what it will be used for.
  • Do not throw away personal information in the trash or recycling bin
  • If you have lost an ID or your driving license, report it immediately to the police, as well as to the credit reporting companies.
  • Do not open suspicious emails or click on unknown links. There is a great risk that you get dome type of virus that can access your information or even your keystrokes.
  • Use different passwords for different services and make sure the passwords are not too simple.
  • Make sure your computer virus protection is up to date.
  • Do not download new apps without having checked if they have been around for a long time and received positive reviews and ratings.
  • Use services that give you information directly on your mobile phone or via e-mail if someone has taken a credit report on you. Then you have the opportunity to act quickly by contacting the relevant credit company and stopping the credit or loan from being granted.
  • Do not post detailed information about yourself on any social networks.

Steps you should take if you have been affected by identity theft

  • Report fraud to the police as soon as possible and dispute the incorrect invoices.
  • Call your bank and check your accounts.
  • If you have been affected by identity fraud, you can block your personal identity number, free of charge, with the credit information companies. This means that no credit checks will go through, thereby reducing the risk of someone taking out a loan or credit in your name. You can request a 2-week temporary fraud block. If you want the block to last longer, you will need to send us a copy of the police report stating you have been the victim of identity theft or fraud. The block will then be valid for up to five years. You can unblock this at any time. Simply contact any of the credit reporting companies below, and we will help you.

Credit reporting comapnies

  • Valitive Credit AB
  • Bisnode Kredit AB,
  • CreditSafe i Sverige AB
  • Syna AB
  • UC AB