Personal data processing

Information about processing personal data

Valitive AB Corp ID. No.: 556943-4896 is the parent company for Valitive Credit AB (with the special company name Decidas) Corp ID. No.: 556721–3714, Valitive Info AB Corp ID. No.: 556574-0759 and 118 100 ahhaaa AB Corp. ID. No.: 556512-0267. This means that the respective company is the personal data controller for the processing of personal data that occurs during operations.

This information about personal data processing is intended for:

  • Physical individuals registered in the Swedish Population Register and who are processed in terms of the information and credit reporting operations.
  • Customers and suppliers as well as their contact persons.
  • Visitors to the website and social media, participants at company events and meetings.


The purpose of this information is to meet the requirements in articles 13 and 14 of the General Data Protection Regulation.

Contact Information

Contact information for the personal data controller: Box 11108, 404 23 Gothenburg

Contact information for data protection officer:

Alektum Group Box 11108, 404 23 Göteborg Telefon 031-730 60 75


NOTE! Remember that email involves security and confidentiality risks. An email can be compared to sending a postcard. Therefore, you should never include sensitive information that you do not wish unauthorised persons to see.




Personal data processing within search and monitoring services