How or when do I get rid of a payment remark?

Individual cases apply to private debts to individuals or companies. You may have received an invoice that you have not paid, which after a while is sent to Debt Collection and finally to the Swedish Enforcement Agency, Kronofogden. This includes credit card debt, bank loans, and rental debt.

If you receive a letter from Kronofogden called “application for a payment order”, it does not mean that you have received a payment remark. An application for a payment order gives the customer one last chance to pay off the entire debt. If it is not paid on time, however, the enforcement agency determines a ruling and that is when a payment remark is registered with the credit information companies.

A payment remark is registered for 3 years.

If, on the other hand, it is a matter of debt restructuring, the payment remark remains for 5 years.